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Forget You

By Bobfish28-02-2013

A new trailer for Remember Me hit the intrawebs today. Boasting "never before seen footage, gameplay and characters!" and promising a June 4th 2013 release across three of the major platforms (no Wii-U, but it still listed PC despite not showing a case for it). It, honestly, left me thoroughly underwhelmed. It was like the director went out of their way to shoehorn as many tired, pretentious old tropes in as he possibly could in less than two minutes. Perhaps I'm just too Hipster for this mainstream nonsense (I do own a MacBook after all, though I don't drink coffee) but I'm not going to be marking this one on my calendar. It looks pretty and all, but I cannot shake the feeling it's going to be a massive discourse of style over substance. But that's just my ten cents worth, feel free to berate me of ye of greater faith, in the comments below. Who knows? Maybe I'll see more and come around.

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