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By Bobfish26-06-2015

A few of the chaps from Ubisoft Montreal gave us a few minutes of commented gameplay for their upcoming hackathon, For Honor. Explaining a little more in depth than the footage WskOsc and I gushed all over at E3. Putting aside all the usual buzzwords, there's a lot to see and like here. The thing that most caught my eye is that it's presently pre-alpha footage. Which looks a hell of a lot better than a lot of games do when they're finished.

Now, whether it will actuially stay that way...this is Ubisoft we're talking about. Their track record with downgrades is something we have not been ignorant of here. In fact, I think the entire universe knows how much they buggered up Unity. But this is a different IP, and a different team, who seem to be keeping The Division up to snuff, so I remain hopeful.

The ability to choose my guard, on the fly, with the right stick (curious to see how that will work with mouse and keyboard) rather than cycling through them with shoulder buttons...yeah, now that is cool. Also, every Viking warrior has a full, glorious manliest of man beards. So they're going to win every time.

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