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For the Eternal Glory of the Infantry and Wargame

By JcDent30-11-2013

Wargame, the Cold War RTS series, was never easy on those who wanted to control infantry. The troops are squishy and die almost immediately when not in cover and their tank busting capabilities usually lacked the range of ATGM missiles (and infantry carrying those tends to be paired in twos and useless in everything else), they could never run away from bombings or artillery. On the other hand, they're cheap, hard to spot before it's too late, can be airlifted, don't require fuel and can mess up a tank in close range. Well, in the upcoming Wargame: Red Dragon, they will see some love.

And by love I mean guns. According to the creators, the previous games did not reflect the impact of change in small arms or anti-tank weapons. So now you have two versions of infantry: the first one represents the equipment at 1975, and a late era version, that will have new toys. The given example is the West German Fallschirmjager (Paratrooper) units. In 1975, it's toting around a G3 rifle and Panzerfaust '44. But as a 1992 prototype unit, it's now armed with the caseless ammo firing clockwork nightmare G11 rifle and Panzerfaust 3, that shows marked improvement in all areas. The latter unit will only be available to late W-German and Coalition decks, while the 1975 version will be seen much more often.

Still not as fun as fielding early era Polish army made up of T-34/85s, T-50s, Katiushas and a whole lot of infantry.

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