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Following the Dying Light

By StuntmanLT16-10-2015

Dying Light is one of the best open world zombie action survival games out there and it is getting an expansion – The Following. The expansion is set to be in a countryside and feature more flat surface related activities, like driving a vehicle, with its set of story and related challenges.

What we have today is an announcement of a release window for the said peace of content which, in my opinion, is on par to an announcement of an announcement announcement. That window is Q1 2016 but stay tuned for a trailer for a release date reveal teaser trailer...announcement.

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Well, that's a long time to wait for an expansion...

Just as well I suppose. It would've disappeared completely under the rubble of this fall's big releases, had they come out with it now. Better to delay it a bit then, than to try and rush it before the big releases hit.