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Follow the Legend of the Gunslinger

By StuntmanLT06-09-2012

The Call of Juarez series will go into the next round early 2013 with the announced sequel – ‘The Gunslinger’. Once again the player will be able to go gung-ho in the surroundings of the Wild Wild West with plenty of revolver action, saloon entertainment and probably the occasional horse riding session.

While based more on ‘Bound In Blood’ than the last instalment in the series, The Cartel, which is without a doubt - a good thing, the game is said to come with a skill tree and plenty of upgrades allowing for bullet time shoot’em-ups, slicker hands for reloading your precious weapons of judgment and all that good stuff. Purchase the right skills and you’ll even be able to pick up the guns of those that fell before your might – it’s obvious that such an action is a great feat indeed and worthy of a skill.

Yes, I’m being cynical.

Interested? Enjoy the live action teaser and leave a comment.

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Posts: 1548

To be honest on of CoJ games were brilliant. Some were better some were...appalling so I don't have high hopes for this one but hope its not as bad as the Cartel

Posts: 596

So now that the modern day setting failed completely (due to being rushed far too much) they will go back to the Wild West... Well I enjoyed the previous Call of Juarez games before The Cartel. So hopefully they learnt not to rush their games and thus make it properly. We will see if they really did learn though.

Posts: 223

Surely this cant be as bad as the abortion of a game that was the cartel. I've never wanted to punch a disc before in my life until I bought the cartel

Posts: 241