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Focus Interactives Sherlock Holmes Gets a Release Window

By zethalee09-05-2014

In a newsletter, Focus Interactive reveals that in addition to now also releasing the game on the Xbox One, they are aiming for an early September 2014 release date. Crimes and Punishment, building on the release of the previous six Sherlock Holmes games since the early 2000s, not only abandons the previously in-house developed graphical engine in the wake of Unreal Engine 3, it also seeks to reimagine the player in place of Holmes themselves. 

The game itself, while looking to channel the eccentricities and atmosphere of the wildly popular BBC-produced television show, has you literally stepping into the mind of Holmes, where you can trace clues and information gathered along the way to build pathways and slowly accrue evidence against one of the parties involved in an investigation. While the trailer linked above showcases one of the endings for a particular case, if you were to collect information that proved that someone else was guilty, the ending could and very likely will change. 

Building off the moderate success and acclaim of the previous 3D Sherlock Holmes game, Crimes and Punishment certainly looks set to satisfy the amateur detective in all of us. Come September of this year, we too will be able to put our logical skills to the test.

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