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Flashing Right Back Atcha'

By Bobfish24-09-2013

Flashback, the modern remake of the 90s classic is making it's way to the PC in less than two weeks time. Via Steam (natch) we of the PC proclivity will be able to re-immerse our selves in Conrad's re.imagined adventure and see for ourselves. Is it really that bad? What? Not the introduction you were expecting?

Well, for those who have not yet heard, the remake has been rather poorly received so far. Personally, I found a lot of the complains to be typical nostalgia bitching. People mis-remembering precisely what the game actually was, with others being far too anal about any variation. On the other hand, there have been some well reasoned, seemingly evidentially supported complaints such as poor controls and the entirtely redundant levelling system.

Whatever the truth of the matter, we'll find out for ourselves at the beginning of next month. So watch this space, because love it or loathe it, it will be a new addition to my Steam library come hell or high water...with a Pixel Judge review close behind it.

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