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Flashback, Flashforward

By Bobfish02-10-2013

It's here, finally, after much needless delay and a great deal of pining. Flashback has landed on the PC. And PlayStation 3, but we don't care about that. To commemorate it's arrival, we have something of a launch trailer/retrospective/mini-documentary to whet our appetities.

Of course, by this point it's no secret that the remake has already received some decidedly underwhelming reviews, which makes it far more difficult to take the blatant PR hype seriously. Something the above video is either willfully ignorant of, or simply refuses to aknowledge. Or maybe, just maybe, and this is a long shot even I will admit. But maybe the PC version comes with a whole bunch of fixes that make it everything it was supposed to be from the outset.

There's only one way to be sure. That's to play it for myself. So remember this, dear reader, that in the coming week I will be doing precisely that. I will take one for the team, cast aside my nostalgia goggles and come back with as fair and critical a final report as I am able.

Watch this space, and until then, leave your commiserations in the box below.

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Posts: 166

I loved the original, I am most definitely looking forward to playing this. Just hope they have done a good job. And if lucky, maybe we can see Another World released as well.

Posts: 297

No comment since I never played the original.....but hey, if it is at least somewhat decent, that should be a good thing....right?