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Flaming Beastiary!

By Bobfish18-10-2013

Three new screenshots, yes, only three, but my oh my what they show...a teaser of the various nasties that will be lining up to munch on our faces in Bound by Flame. The spiritual successor to Spiders latest offering, Mars: War Logs. Now, being a fantasy yarn, the undead are in residence of course, as well as possibly draconic demon like creatures as seen in the trailer a few months back. Something rather interesting though, is the chap above. A bone golem. An...undead...golem...

Oh my!

"The bestiary in Bound by Flame has some amazing, impressive and unique creatures that have been created and brought to life by the talented Spiders teams, and the images released today provide a glimpse of what's in store: here we see the game hero and his companions confronting formidable enemies like the Bone Golem, the general of the armies of the Living Dead and the terrifying Lich."

The lich, I'm guessing, is the chap with the mahoosive axe. That doesn't exactly flood my system with confidence. Liches are nasty enough when they drift around being all ethereal and casting nasty spells at us. Giving them axes...that's just not cricket!

It's Bound by Flame.

And it looks glorious.

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