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Fixes for Last Light's Issues Incoming

By MrJenssen15-05-2013

Though Metro: Last Light has been getting some impressive scores recently, including from our panel, it has also received some criticism for a rather lackluster options menu. Aim assist is on by default, and it's forced. The FOV is also forced, at 70, without any sliders to be found in the optinos menu.

Though there're various fixes for some of these issues - like disabling aim assist (by opening the user.cfg and changing the "aim_assist 1" string value to zero) - the FOV is at this time, not possible to adjust. However, this may be about to change. Huw Beyon at Deep Silver wrote this post at the NeoGAF forums explaining the reasoning for why the FOV is forced so low, and what they intend to do about it. The explanation is that there're certain on-screen things - like the watch - that replace the HUD, which would be hard to read if the FOV was set any higher. They apparently tried different solutions, but could never find a fitting one that didn't require too much work:

"We had considered offering three FOV pre-sets, but this would still require significant work to re-do every animation, adjust the HUD and UI and other seemingly small but incredibly time consuming tasks. Even with a wider but still fixed field of view, Artyom's hands would look too far away. We know - we tried."

However, he also mentions that they're working on some fixes. As a quick fix, they're looking to make it possible to adjust the FOV through editing a config file after the next patch, but warn that adjusting it higher could lead to immersion-breaking glitches.

Is the low field of view in Last Light bugging you? Is it preventing you from fully enjoying the game? Feel free to sound off below!

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Posts: 3290

Maybe it's turned off by default in hardcore mode? Also, I, personally, spent most of my time shooting by aiming down the sights, could be that 'disables' it too

Posts: 1317

I never noticed the aim assist either, when actually playing the game. Of course, I didn't do all that much shooting, but whenever I shot at mutants (like that part where you wait for the raft to come pick you up in the sewers), I didn't feel like I just automatically hit every enemy. In fact I missed quite a bit. Still, having aim assist activated by default, without the ability to deactivate it in-game is really odd.

Posts: 351

I disabled in in the config file. I have not had to many issues with the game so far.

Posts: 3290

There was aim assist? o.O I honestly never noticed, and I usually clock it instantly; Fecking despise aim assist