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FixCity 2.0

By JcDent30-03-2013

The launch of SimCity was a Charlie Foxtrot of historical proportions, kind of like Hindenburg crashing on top of a G8 conference. The creators are now fast at work fixing various and serious issues that crop up.

There are two big issues tackled in patch 2.0. The first one has to do is increasing the efficiency of street cars - nothing exciting here. The otherone, however, is important to everyone who is not a Captain Planet villain - the recycling centres. These structures - especially valuable as a source of plastic - shut themselfs down when the amount of trucks exceeds their processing capacity. And then the facility bricks itself (is it ironic considering DRM practices and stuff? You decide), which leads to hasty demolishing and rebuildings.

"On top of this, we're also working on a number of bug fixes and other overall improvements that we're planning to include in future Updates. Just last week we released two Updates 1.7 and 1.8, which included traffic fixes and other general improvements. For the future, in Update 2.0, we'll be addressing the Recycling Center bug, fixing the fire engine clumping, improving the efficiency of Street Cars, and increasing the radius of river water. We're also fixing the tuning on Casinos and are making them more profitable. These are just a handful of the substantial changes coming in Update 2.0."

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