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First Wonder - Another Video Game Giant In The Making?

By elethio29-09-2015

First Wonder a game from Rogue Rocket Games has just started its Kickstarter campaign. As a studio Rogue Rocket don’t have many games under their belt yet, but if you look at the history of its founders Nick Bruty and Rich Sun, you’ll see a wealth of experience and indeed where the inspiration comes from for their new game.

After watching the trailer for First Wonder, it should come as no surprise that Nick held a key role in developing the classic games Citizen Kabuto and MDK, the influence of these games is clear, and that holds a lot of promise for the gameplay, storytelling and humor of this spiritual successor.

First Wonder is an epic David vs. Goliath story set on the islands of the alien planet Majorca. When a greedy corporation arrives with plans to construct a luxury hotel and kick out the island's peaceful inhabitants, they uncovered a mysterious fossil of unknown origin. Fueled by vanity and greed, the corporation props up the fossil as a tourist attraction. Their plans are foiled when the fossil transforms and the terrifying giant Monstro awakens. Monstro sets off on a destructive path to fulfil an ancient prophecy, and a lowly group of salvage workers, The Cargonauts, are tasked with stopping him. Armed with a variety of weapons and jetpacks, the team must use all of the tools at their disposal to try and match Monstro's extraordinary abilities. Players will be able to take the reigns of both The Cargonauts and Monstro in alternating chapters in a humor-filled singleplayer campaign and online via asymmetric multiplayer.

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