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First Person Shopper

By Toast30-03-2014

We all get tired of the copy and paste ideas from the first person perspective of fantasy RPGs like Skyim or modern military shooters like ARMA 3. Face it, we all want something new! What’s that you say? A brand new first person experience like no other? Colour me interested! Introducing the latest industry defining genre - First Person Shopping (at Tesco’s)!

With life-like visuals, and the use of the amazing Oculus Rift at play here, you’ll think you’re actually shopping at Tesco! But don’t worry folks, this is just Alpha footage, soon there’ll be other shoppers added in for multiplayer mayhem! Imagine the objective of trying to pick up and purchase the last cheap product on the shelf before others in the exciting game mode of, Purchase the Product!

Ok, I’m lying about the last part (or am I!?), but this could be pretty cool to use for other things later on, like deathmatches on Times Square in New York, or other interesting locations! I’m being a bit too silly right now, I think I’ll go outside and shop somewhere instead...


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