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First Look at Dying Light: The Following

By zethalee24-08-2015

Kyle Crane returns as he takes on a cult in Dying Light: The Following, the first major expansion to the base game. Though there's no release date at this time, there's still plenty of zombie head-splitting action, all of which was running on PC for the demo.

All weapons and abilities from the base game are carried over to the demo, and there will be more gold weapons available in The Following as well. Co-op challenges can be set up wherever, and the most fan-requested weapon, the crossbow, is making an appearance, seemingly with different ammo types. New gun types appear as well, and even though the game is set after the events of the main game, you aren't required to complete the main game to explore The Following. You can also take any weapons and skills acquired in The Following to the main game, except for the buggy, obviously.

The buggies themselves have their own upgrades and skills involved, and they can be outfitted to cross terrain quite quickly. Since the map in The Following is roughly the size of Old Town and The Slums combined, it's going to be essential to cover large areas quickly. Even as it looks as though The Following will take place mostly in an agricultural area, there are some industrial and urban areas to enjoy your parkour skills in.

As far as traveling to The Following's map, you will need to undertake a quest in order to access the area, and traveling to the map itself is going to be executed similarly to traveling between Old Town and The Slums, i.e. interacting with a poster. There is also a new "trust" system implemented in The Following, where you must do side missions (rescuing hostages, killing bandits, and more) to gain the trust of the locals in order to gain further missions.

Again, there's no release date yet for The Following, but it will be priced at 14.99 USD as a standalone, or for free if you own the season pass. Check back later for more information about Dying Light's next major zombie-stomping adventure.

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