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First Footage Of Godus Prototype

By SavageOcto06-12-2012

Peter Molyneux’s next game, Godus, may be in trouble. While there are 15 more days to go on the Kickstarter campaign, the game is still less than 50% funded. It is currently a little over £200,000 out of its £450,000 goal.

To help boost interest, 22cans has released a video showing off some very early builds of the game and concept art. This is all pre-alpha stuff and very little looks like an actual game, but they are the beginnings of one.

One of the first things shown is the terrain manipulation in the game. You can easily build up terrain and bring it down. To stress even more that the game is pre-alpha, the video shows a bug where Molyneux tries lowing the land a bit and ends up drowning most of his followers in the deep ocean he makes. He then proceeds to kill off the rest in the same matter.

Molyneux visits other people working on the game and you get to see them discuss the game and possible features that will make it in, such as 200 followers in a battle and other godly destructive powers like earthquakes splitting apart the land.

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