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First Etherium Teaser Released

By PeterChi18-01-2014

This is the first teaser for the upcoming RTS game Etherium, from Focus Interactive. As you can probably tell Etherium will be set in the future. The faction in the teaser is called the Consortium while the full game will have three playable factions, The Consortium, The Council, and Galaad. In the teaser The Council and Galaad are intent on taking any planet that has Etherium, some kind of super resource, while the Consortium muster their war machines to hold them off.

Etherium is boasting a non-linear campaign where the player decides how to proceed with their domination of seven planets with a science research tree that the player uses to unlock technologies. The different planets will also have different environments and weather systems that will allow for different tactics, like approaching a base during a sandstorm, or avoiding using heavy vehicles when you're on swampy terrain. Sounds a bit like a 4x game on the ground instead of in space.

No release date has yet been confirmed but this is probably a game worth watching out for.

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Posts: 228

so far so Planetary Annihilation knockoff!

Posts: 596

Nice teaser, but is this in-game, in-engine (which I presume it is) or CGI?