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Finally, You Can Win ArmA 3

By MrJenssen21-03-2014

Aaaaand it's here! According to the above trailer, the official press release and a 1,7GB download requirement on Steam, the final episode in ArmA 3's three-part "The East Wind"-campaign has just been released!

Though it's not quite clear what the episode is all about (just kidding, it's called "Win" so it's pretty much spoiled already), we do know that things have gotten pretty damn hairy over the past two episodes, and you as Ben Kerry must be the hero Altis deserves. Sadly, you'll have to do without the batsuit for now, until some modder makes it for you. In addition, a few new vehicles have been added, including the A-164 Wipeout and To-199 Neophron fighter aircraft, and several variants of the Tempest transport truck. The island has also been updated with some new locations worth checking out, including an athletic arena and a ghost hotel.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're one of those who still haven't gotten sick and tired of modern military shooters, Arma 3's campaign is a pretty solid deal. Not nearly as clunky as former Arma games, and not nearly as cliché as most contemporary shooters similar to it. Though vast multiplayer scenarios is what Arma does most and does best, the singleplayer isn't something you should ignore completely either. Too bad it's not playable with friends, though.

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