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Finally we Stand Firm

By zethalee18-11-2014

You can always count on DICE to make fantastic trailers for Battlefield, and this one, for Final Stand, looks to feature more of the same explosive action and unending combat that the series has come to symbolize. Throughout Battlefield 4's DLC cycle, DICE has been hinting at the comings of a futuristic war, packed with hovertanks and throwbacks to the titans of Battlefield 2142 in Naval Strike. Now, dreams are being realized, with the war moving to the tundra and arctic regions of Russia, both with some next-generation killing power on display.

Of particular note is the aforementioned hovertank, named the "HT-95 Levkov." Likely named after the Soviet engineer Vladimir Levkov, he developed the first hovering tank, though it never saw actual production. Final Stand's version is a bit more upgraded than that, having the same firepower as the main battle tank in game, though lacking a turret for more mobile firepower. The DLC unlocks tomorrow for all owners of the Premium membership, with the multiplayer servers going down for a brief while beforehand.

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