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Finally the Red Dragon Teaser

By JcDent08-01-2014

While most game producers are throwing bones for the teeming masses of mouthbreathing customers, some are still catering to the shunned „has more than three brain cells to rub together“ demographic. Focus, for example, is developing probably the healthiest RTS series on the market called Wargame where armies of NATO and Warsaw Pact clash in Europe. Or, as shown in the teaser, will clash in Asia since the upcoming third instalment called Red Dragon adds China, North and South Koreas, Japan and Australia/New Zealand as well as amphibious and ship combat. The unit total count reaches a staggering 1,300 and causes sexual exhaustion among armchair generals.

And the teaser teases on! Almost instantly we see the new amphibious vehicles crossing a river with impunity, followed by queer Asian airplanes and helicopters launching attacks amidst artillery fire. We even see jets launching missiles towards the ships! Truly this is the day of glory! I can't wait to field the Best Korean infantry deck in the multiplayer!

Meanwhile, we can hope for more videos in the following weeks which, if Wargame: AirLand Battle's pre-launch hype building is anything to go by, will be even sweeter.

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@Toast - maybe a mod? :D

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Will we see real red dragons flying around just like Skyrim? =P