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Final Exam - What's Your Slay Score?

By JcDent12-09-2013

Final Exam is here! Well, it's less of an SAT and more of a Slaying Aptitude Test. Here, you can take control of one of four friends (or force some of you real life friends to play them in multiplayer co-op) and kill monsters. Not only zombies this time though - I think I saw a demonic bee there somewhere too!

The game is to feature the usual gamut of tricks - four playable characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, upgradeable abilities, unlockable weapons, level replays as well as the option to split up to tackle the tasks faster. Other than that, it's just a sidecrolling shoot 'em up. Not that those can't be fun - as long as they're not made by the Party of Sin team!

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