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Fight Your Way To A Planet's Name In Dust 514

By JcDent06-08-2013

Dust 514 is a F2P PS3 shooter that ties into EVE Online, the fuckawesome hardcore space/business management game. Well, we wouldn't be talking about some stinky, lowbrow dirty console peasant news if there was nothing in it for the PC master race.

Basically, the new Dust 514 tournament has people fighting for the right to name a planet in EVE online. Some say it's a shitty prize, what with EVE having a boatload of planets, but it serves as a nice plan to maybe uplift a console player to a PC one, because you'd have to play EVE on the PC to see your named planet.

It's all gonna end once Something Awful's Goon gets wind of it...


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The only problem I have with this, is that there will be some dumb, arbitrary rules about naming. Like, you couldn't have Endor or something