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Fight the Tower

By JcDent24-02-2014

Warface is a free to play FPS where you either take on bots in linear co-op missions or partake in the more typical sort of multiplayer. This player presents a new addition to the first group: a mission where the good mercenaries have to fight their way through the tower in order to kill a guy who might be financing Blackwood (because, you know, Blackwater): the antagonist merc group that dabbles in weapons trade, oil related shenanigans, and harvesting poor children for stem cells (yes, really).

While the video description promises new enemies and bosses, the video itself only shows reskinned old enemies (somehow missing those SpecOps sniper wankers) and just copy-pasted an old boss: the minigun guy. And while this does look like the standard Warface romp (run, shoot, hope teammates aren't stupid), the change of scenery and some visual variety among the enemies is welcome.

Also, it's good to finally have a trailer that's devoid of the usual pulp Asian pomp about one guy actually controlling both merc groups and passing off "I paid two bands of dudes to kill each other" as high strategy.


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