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Fight On The Western Front Again In Upcoming Expansion

By MrJenssen12-05-2014

If you were one of the many who felt bummed out about how Company of Heroes 2 felt like little more than an overpriced graphical overhaul and Soviet reskin of the original masterpiece from 2004, then maybe you'll be happy to hear that an expansion CoH 2 that brings the fight back to the western front, is in the works. 

The Western Front Armies is a stand-alone, multiplayer-only expansion, set to release on June 24. So if you hated how CoH 2 came with little new in the way of features and mechanics, then you'll surely be happy to dish out another 20 Dollars or Euros for this expansion. I mean, it's essentially the exact same game as the original Company of Heroes, but with slightly better graphics, way more nickel-and-diming micro DLCs and way less actual content. If that doesn't sound like a fantastic deal to you, then I don't know what does! 

Alternatively, you could just pick up the original CoH dirt cheap and play that. It really has aged quite well. And you'll get a brilliant singleplayer campaign with it, too.

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