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Fencing Loot and Inevitable Betrayal

By Mokman19-07-2013

Payday 2 has been revealed just a little bit more with a most interesting mission, one based around stealing works of art - but that's not the truly interesting bit (although the mission itself does provide for a fair amount of heist-based excitement). What really perked my ears was the mechanics behind what happened afterwards, where the players had to undergo an escape mission following immediately due to their botched attempts at not making a big fuss over their previous job, and the ultimate betrayal they had to deal with when they finally attempted to fence their ill-gotten gains.

A most novel idea, where a mini-campaign is nearly created, randomly generated depending on the outcomes of the previous missions. As for the game itself, it does look pretty exciting, with different mechanics such as carrying loots causing your movement speed to decrease, or being able to purchase assets before missions, all adding to the final product. Will this be good? Well, we'll find out soon enough. Kudos, Gamespot.

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