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Farfront: Crysistance

By StuntmanLT05-08-2015

We finally get to see some more gameplay footage from Homefront: The Revolution. In this gameplay demo, dubbed “Red Zone” we can see the resistance fighters blowing some Koreans up and shooting some robots down while riding a motorbike in between. What instantly caught my eye though are the game mechanics. The next Homefront seems to have recently been adopted by Crysis and FarCry: the on-the-spot weapon attachment switch menu has Crysis written all over it while the outpost takeover and overview of new available activities right after it are screaming Far Cry 3/4. There were other small hints and indications to come, like possible open(ish) world play and looting/crafting mechanics, but the core of the game already looks really good...at least on paper.

I was one of the 4 people on the planet to enjoy the first game but I am a bit weary of the sequel. The level shown was very bland with smoky/foggy/dusty environment and shooting that had absolutely no recoil. But everything can be fixed and that might have just been a bad choice when selecting a level for a reveal. At the end of the footage when the sun came up we saw the widening of the colour pallet and if Dambuster manage to umpf-ify the gunplay The Revolution might turn out a great game.

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