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FarCry 3 Strapping Monkeys with C4

By Bis18marck7029-10-2012

Gamers who are set for FarCry 3 will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive mission pack upon pre-ordering the game. Doing so will unlock a meeting with the rather queer person walking this earth under the name of Hurk. He’s a rather peculiar one, although his knowledge of animals used in war situations seems to draw way back into WWII. Those poor dogs...

If you’re interested, check out the Mission Walkthrough although doing so will probably spoil the Mission a bit. Expect plenty of ‘Beeps’ to ensure your precious ears will not get offended and a rather unresponsive healthbar. The pack titled Monkey Business is available to all customers that pre-order the game from GameStop.

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Posts: 1548

I'm still waiting to hear on Pre-order bonuses on Steam.

Also I'm still skeptical from my experiences with it during Eurogamer Expo but the damn trailers are pulling me in...

Posts: 12

Wonder if those who got far Cry 3 with the "Never Settle" bundle will get this. I have preordered it, in a round about way.

Posts: 1548

Ha ha weaponized monkeys :D