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Far Cry Remade in Far Cry 3 Map Editor – Now Available

By NeonAnderson25-08-2013

Great news for fans of the original Far Cry! A Far Cry community member and dedicated modder, NameL355, has finally finished his Far Cry remake. The remake was created in the Far Cry 3 map editor and features weapons, enemies, vehicles and maps all from the original Far Cry along with a few he decided to implement himself.

This, in theory, will allow players to experience the classic Far Cry game they loved, but with the great graphics featured in Far Cry 3. So for those among you who own Far Cry 3 and want to give it a go, the mod can be downloaded from here.

Be sure to come back and let us know either on our forums or here in the comment section below if this mod is any good (or bad?) so that you can inspire others to try (or not try) the mod.


Comments (3)
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Posts: 1317

It's not a mod though. It's a map. It's the first map in Far Cry, but nothing more than that. I am disappoint.

Posts: 166

Following the news of this, I am definitely going to have to get my Far Cry back out and give it a try. Looks a good mod :)

Posts: 1317

Damn! These are the types of mods you hear about, and then they just disappear into obscurity, because the project turns out to be too bug for the modders to ever complete. I mean, Black Mesa is one of few such projects to actually be completed, and that took centuries. It's not even completely finished yet.

My main gripe with the original Far Cry was the sluggish weapon handling. Now that it uses FC3's wonderful system, I'm happy to dive back in. :D