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Far Cry Primal Rises Out of History

By zethalee07-10-2015

Coming out of a unique desire to see a new setting fulfilled and realized, Ubisoft have announced that indeed, Far Cry: Primal exists, and it is actively in development. Owing to an inadvertent leak from IGN Turkey, and then further confirmation from Ubisoft, we have been gifted with a pair of videos, and a blog post that further details the game.

As, at their core, the Far Cry games have all been about survival, the team at Ubisoft Montreal saw fit to take the player to a time when survival was paramount, to a time when the entire world was hostile, to when man and beast could be indistinguishable in their ferocity. You play as Takkar, the singular survivor of an ambush on his hunting group, as you roam the lands post-Ice Age, searching for your lost tribe and a way to reunite them. Interestingly, Ubisoft plans to have fire as a central mechanic, as it can be anything scaring away predators, both human and animal, and can be used in conjunction with weapons.

Furthermore, without any modern conventions such as shops, players are left to craft every weapon they desire, and the team also has quite the freedom to create language systems and fantastical landscapes however they wish. Far Cry: Primal releases on February 23rd for Xbox One and PS4, and sometime in March 2016 for PC.

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