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Far Cry Primal Gameplay Footage and Collectors Edition

By McKaby07-12-2015

Far Cry Primal is a game set in Oros and is in the Middle Palaeolithic period where you play Takkar, a hunter and survivor of a raid on his village by another tribe, and you set out to explore and take revenge on those who attacked your home.

Foremost, this game looks very alive with it's bright textures and the general style works well for a large bright landscape, we also get to see some of the buildings in your village, and some leather that is tanning, the default bow follows the basic designs that are seen throughout history, and the arrow appears correct.

After the Mammoths we get to see the taming of the Dire wolf, using a bait throw and then calming the beast, which is used for hunting, to gather supplies used for upgrading your gear to survive longer in cold areas or to create new weapons, healing of companion animals can be done with fresh meat, and also petting is implemented.

Fast Travel and outposts are done via camp fires, which replace the radio towers in previous games, while attacking the camp fire we get to see usage of the Owl and also a quick view of the various animals that can be tamed and called up, including a Jaguar for a stealth attack, along with how fast it is at taking down other Hominids.

We get to see the riding abilities, which brings to the question “How awesome would it be to ride a Sabretooth Tiger into battle and fire off arrows?” and for start we see Takkar riding a smaller Woolly Mammoth, along with the spear weapon as well, we also see a type of gas bomb, and also the bash attack via the Mammoth, including the scaring of a Rhino and a shot of a glacier up in the hills.

After a quick transition we are greeted with the petting of a Sabretooth Tiger and hear that it's a powerful attacker, more usage of the owl along with how it can mark targets, and even drop bombs of various types, even dive down and attack someone, as the fight happens we see the usage of the throwing spear, jump attack from the Tiger, double arrow shot, enemy reinforcements and the calling of the Cave Bear, which is a large beast that can take a lot of damage, also the “Bee Grenade” to use a term, the last enemy is dispatched via a jumping attack and landing on him with axe drawn.

We also got some information for the Collectors Edition today, which comes with a box with a Sabretooth skull on it, a steel case, phrase book of Takkar's tribe the “Wenja” also a map and sound track, digitally you get “Legend of the Mammoth” a side-story where you have a drug induced hallucination where you play as a Mammoth, “The Blood Shasti Club” which is an Udam weapon wielded by their old chief, and 4 enhancement packs, these give you an early edge in game with crafting recipes and different skins for your pets and 2 extra packs for bans.

In another video released the same day we got to see the Beast Master (below) part of the game where we got to see taming and usage of Sabretooth Tiger, Bear, Dire wolf and also an Owl, each with their own strengths and weaknesses upon situations, sometimes even spotting wildlife or other people before you, this trailer is worth a watch as well.

Far Cry Primal is on Steam for £49.99 standard edition and Apex edition (digitial deluxe) for £54.99 that gives you all digitial enhancements above. Collectors Edition is available on U-Play store for £59.99

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It sounds as if they took some of the best parts of Ark and put it into an FPS rather than a survival game. I'm pretty stoked for both!