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FarCry 3 - There Be Cows

By Bis18marck7021-09-2012

Just as with the first game in the series, Far Cry 3 will once again maroon you on a tropical island. Aside from the insane Vaas, the player will have to fight with Hyot Volker, the leader of a rather well trained and merciless privateer army, as he steps into the shows of your second nemesis. So, you drop from the skies, infiltrate the island crowed with do-no-goods and proceed, in true Far Cry style, to take it down with lots of bullets, explosions and blood.

As with the previous games, everything is out to kill you – soldiers, mercenaries, leopards and … cows. Obviously, that can be used to your advantage – setting free a wild animal in the middle of the enemy camp can create all the diversion – or entertainment – you need.

You will be able to battle for the top of the food chain on December 4 this year. Until then, check out the Far Cry 3 Official Island Survival Guide.

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Posts: 1548

FarCry 2 had its issues but it wasn't that bad. You just had to play it differently (use buses for fast travel). This looks even better, but same applied to FC2 too :P

Posts: 240

Not planning to pre-order it myself but I do hope it turns out to be pretty good. It certainly looks it so far.

Posts: 223

This game is definitely on my radar. Heard some bad things about the MP from other sites who have played it at shows, but the solo stuff looks impressive!