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Far Cry 3 Releases Second Feature Video

By SavageOcto24-11-2012

Fry Cry 3’s open world will give you a lot of opportunities to kill people, blow them up, stab them, etc. The developers have released their second feature video showing off the game and some of its features.

First the video shows off the radio towers in the game. They’re used to reveal an area of the map and the quests available there. From here you can find and liberate island outposts and capture them, unlocking new missions.

The game will have a variety of land and sea vehicles to travel around. Some offer quick transport, while others can also offer strong fire power. One interesting method of travel was the hang glider, which you can attach C4 on then ditch at your destination and detonate.

The video shows some cool and interesting ways you can approach combat in the game and how you deal with taking out hostiles. The game will have three tattoos that are connected with your skills in the game that help with long range combat, stealth, or brute strength.

Far Cry 3 is set for a November 29th in Europe and Australia, and the 30th for the UK. Are you guys excited for this game? Let us know what you think about it below.

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Posts: 1317

Maybe it's the bad aftertaste that is still in your mouth after Far Cry 2? It still lingers in mine. What a mediocre game that was. And it got near-perfect scores EVERYWHERE.

Posts: 233

Don't know why but I just don't get psyched for this game

Posts: 10

Let's hope the game runs well with new drivers. Seen some benches around the net stating that a 7970 barely manages 50FPS. Not good.