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Far Cry 3 Releases...a Mod for Minecraft

By Leigh Cobb17-10-2012

Ubisoft is doing...something rather unexpected. They are releasing a free Far Cry 3 themed map and texture pack for Minecraft, coming October 26th.

Releasing free to Minecraft PC player (obviously not the stripped back 360 version), this content will feature Far Cry themed environments, weapons and tools. You can even see the loveable Vaas created in blocky Minecraft style and find over 50 easter eggs!

The map itself was modded by this guy, famous for other impressive in game creations and the textures were made by artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt.

This addition is certainly a bit out of the blue, but fairly cool nonetheless. Marketing has a tendency to plump some depths, so this is a nice change. Far Cry 3 releases 4th December, let the hype commence.

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