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Far Cry 3 Multiplayer

By Merc21-11-2012

After you are done exploring the entire island in Far Cry 3, why not try the multiplayer out? I don’t know Merc, why don’t you tell me about it? Well okay then! You will be able to shoot guys in the face, earn XP and unlock new stuff, help your team, call in “killstreaks”, fight in exotic locations, and play a variety of game types. You know what? Why don't you see it all for yourself in this brand spanking new trailer.

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Posts: 351

Well reading the first reviews today I think my ideas of the game were correct. Great single player, and crappy multiplayer. Oh well there is no shortage of multiplayer games out there.

Posts: 1548

@Merc Yeah me too. But I have big concerns about it.

Posts: 351

I am getting excited for this game. I do not know if the multi-player will be any good, but who knows. It kinda sucks that they wont have any dedicated servers though.