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Far Cry 3: Meet Your Nemesis

By Bis18marck7024-10-2012

Far Cry 3, to be released on the 29th of November this year, teases us with another trailer. I’ve rarely seen so many stereotypical references towards my beloved fatherland and I am sure the developers stole my own warcry - which passes form my lips basically every rugby game - but for all the national profiling, the trailer actually entertained.

Not only does it give us another glimpse at the islands you’ll soon roam, but it also introduces Hoyt, the sadistic mastermind who, a hairs breath away from insanity, will be your quasi-employer. Learn about his little ‘rules’, his trade and his sick brain that must have been perforated when he was still a child.

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Damn it. I was over FC3 after seeing it and Eurogamer Expo but the hype train is running me over again.