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Far Cry 3 Hopes to Avoid Any 'Arrows to the Knee'

By RubyStreams01-10-2012

The release of Ubisoft's upcoming Far Cry 3 is just around the corner and, in this writer's opinion, is looking to be a huge hit. Lead designer Jamie Keen, had some encouraging words to say regarding the game at the Eurogamer Expo.

According to Keen the Elder Scroll series has been a "huge" inspiration to the making of Far Cry 3.

"In order to keep a player engaged over a period of time there are certain other genres we have to look into to keep that engagement over a longer time. So we've been looking at things like MMOs, we've been looking at other open world titles. The Elder Scrolls series is a huge inspiration for us; games like Red Dead [Redemption] and other Rockstar games as well."

Keen went on to say "This is a really vast land mass and a lot of shooters don't normally have that. So to keep that progression going, to keep those different spacings of where we place stuff in the world, it's important that we're breaking the boundaries of what an FPS normally is."

In most open-world, sandbox games we have been accustomed to a certain degree of repetition when it comes to NPC dialogue, which eventually leads to them becoming memes. Well Keen and Far Cry 3 are hoping to steer clear of this.

"It's important too that you feel like the world isn't - we don't want you to feel like 'oh it's this encounter again, I've seen this one'. You know, 'arrow to the knee', for example. While the 'arrow to the knee' thing is actually quite cool, we don't necessarily want that."

Boasting more than 250 encounter types, Keen revealed that the game 'remembers' which ones you have encountered recently as not to repeat them so often, making it feel a bit more fresh.

"You end up with this real feeling of diversity of things going on," he pledged. "And you will see the same encounter again, but hopefully there's enough of them that you won't remember it, probably."

He then went on to describe the world of Far Cry 3 as being "the most complicated jigsaw puzzle you've ever seen in your life", this being in reference to the challenges they had matching up locations and indeed quest pacing. Keen wants you to explore the map "as if you had ADHD", leave no stone unturned as you explore the vast reaches of this new tropical location.

Far Cry 3 welcomes you to paradise, November 29th EU, November 30th UK and December 4th for North America.

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