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Far Cry 3’s Map Editor Will Provide Endless Content

By SavageOcto27-11-2012

With Far Cry 3’s release creeping closer and closer, Ubisoft has been released a lot of different videos to show off their game. In the most recent video they show off the game’s map editor. It boasts a new terrain building tool and new assets to create a variety of different environments. You can even tweak the weather and time of day for your map. Objects you can place in the world have different themes ranging from WWII to Chinese temples.

The editor will allow you to create, share, and download maps. Testing your map and making it better can bring it up to gold tier status for it to be added alongside official Ubisoft maps. Ubisoft hopes this will bring unlimited content to the game and will be free for the player, as well as Ubisoft.

Besides making terrain in your maps you can also put in different wildlife and AI in the game’s sandbox mode, allowing you to make your own custom scenarios to play through. Or you can just play around with all the different aspects of the game.

Far Cry 3 comes out on November 30th. Are you guys excited for the game’s map editor? Leave your thoughts below.

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