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Far Cry 101: How to Cry Far

By Gronnings18-11-2014

In this video that plays like a "Previously on ...", Ubisoft summarises what to expect of the soon-to-be-released Far Cry 4. So what should we expect?

South Asia! Explosions! Backstabbing! A great archvillain! Druglords! Arena combat! Guns! Frontstabbing! Mortars! Tigers! Tuctucs! Hunting! Elephants! Mysticism! Shangri-La! Stylists who "are gonna make you look ... fierce"! Co-op! Magic!

It's a great trailer. If you've got 8 minutes, check it out.

It'spretty obvious that the story's been formulated so as to avoid controversy. Instead of being a white guy venturing into a foreign land, you're a son returning to his homeland in order to spread his father's ashes and fulfill his mother's dying wish. It's not racist!

Ubisoft also released an ad for the four planned DLC packs for the game:

Escape from Durgesh will provide more open-world missions; The Hurk Pack gives you more weapons and, uh, Hurk; Overrun yields a new PvP mode and four new maps; and, with Valley of the Yetis, you'll get a whole new campaign and more open-world missions.

I look forward to spending some time in this world, although I probably won't be spending on extras. America and the UK get the base game today, and the EU and Australia on 20 November.

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