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Far Cliff

By Bobfish10-10-2013

Cliff Martinez, of former Red Hot Chilli Peppers fame (he used to be the drummer) may have dropped some inside information regarding Far Cry 4. During interview with Lost in the Multiplex, he mentioned, by name, that Far Cry 4 was his next project. This specific section of the interview has since been removed, but as we all know, nothing is ever truly lost on the internet. As evidenced by the screencap above.

At present, no futher word has come from any sources to either confirm or deny this claim. It could, of course, be nothing more than some good natured trolling, or a slip of the tongue, or who knows? Maybe even an editorial error on Multiplex's part. All we can do is speculate. Until, of course, official word comes one way or the other. But I feel inclined to file this one under highly likely. Given the success of Far Cry 3, and the sort of sequel Blood Dragon, we all know Ubisoft will be continuing the series. It's only a matter of time. So keep a close eye folks, because we will be bringing you more as soon as we know it.


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Posts: 341

FC3 was entertaining, but was it Good. Nah.
Every mission was the same, go there and shoot bad guys.
No exploration, thankfully though theres http://farcry.nexusmods.com/mods/63//?

But the missions, sadly do not change.

Posts: 1548

If its as good as FC3 then I'm all for it.

Posts: 3290

Seems like an odd one to me though. I dunno'. Could be something to it. I'm guessing it's more likely another part of Blood Dragon. Seems more like his area

Posts: 297

My bet is slip of the tongue.