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Fan-made StarCraft MMO Beta Prologue

By Mokman19-02-2013

StarCraft Universe the legally troubled yet brilliant fan-made StarCraft MMO mod for StarCraft 2, has reached another step in its lengthy development, bringing us one step closer to World of StarCraft and possibly, the end of all productive human activities. Sadly, StarCraft Universe - Chronicles of Fate is still in single-player, understandably so considering the immense amount of work it would take for that to work together with StarCraft 2's online service, even if Blizzard allowed it.  Still, what we have now is a half-realized vision, a WoW-like RPG that is wholly playable.

Interestingly, it is set 11 years in the future after the Wings of Liberty campaign, working under the assumption that Kerrigan died and the universe is doomed. Excited? If not, check out the trailer, it may just change your mind.

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