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Fan Fixes Dark Souls Port

By Leigh Cobb24-08-2012

Dark Souls has come to PC! After much pleading and petition signing, From Software and Namco Bandai Games heard the cry, releasing the well recieved title into the arms of PC gamers everywhere. Durante, forum member on NeoGAF, has posted a resolution fix for the PC version of Dark Souls, only a short while after the game's debut.

The problem was, the developers and publishers saw fit to release the game at the fixed resolution of 1024 x 720 and 30 frames per second. Which is absolutely atrocious work and makes you wonder, why did they bother? Now you'll be pleased to note that Durante's fix can help alleviate the resolution issue. And the funny thing is he did it in less that 30 mintues!

There is more to read over at NeoGAF itself, where Durante has also posted some screenshots of the improvements.

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Posts: 67

I better give the some money ti Durante and pirate the fuckin' game...

Obviously I'm not going to do that, I'm not going to even acknowledge the existence of Dark Souls.

Posts: 237

There are also fixes for other issues now. Its rather impressive how it could be fixed by gamers.

Posts: 37

That was fast!

Posts: 3290

This, also, I think has proven just how much we wanted the game.

Roll on the f*cking mods!

Posts: 233

Never seen a compliment for a game being shipped together with a package that looks a bit like an insult. Great commitment by the community, or Durante to be specific. The developers should be proud that the players actively engage with the game in more than one way but they should also...you know...have a little chat...amongst each other....

Posts: 3290

It's also really sad, in a funny way.

Important point to note, is that we got it

Posts: 1548

That's really funny in a sad way.