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Family Ties

By Bobfish19-05-2015

Welcome to the family chaps. The Assassin family and the family of assassins. Well, a brother and sister at least. Twins no less. Talk about keeping it in the family! This is precisely what Assassin's Creed Syndicate is doing it seems. Catching up with Senior Producer Francois Pelland, the Ubiblog people have the skinny on our protagonists, Evie and Jacob Fyre.

Why yes, I did pluraise that.  The above video does not show, as far as I can see, any direction control of Evie herself, but it is repeatedly stated that both feature heavily in the narrative. It is their story as opposed to being Jacob's, with his wee sister just along for the ride. Not sure how I feel about that really. If you ask me, the series is screaming out for a playable female lead, and not just anothert spin off like Liberation.

Aside from that, there's surprisingly little of real consequence to show. A few general comments about the gadgets (which includes a rather nifty looking grappling hook type device) and how weapons are not openly on display anymore. No mor wandering the streets with a massive axe sticking out over your shoulder, it's all daggers and pistols. But really...I don't know, maybe even I am becoming jaded to the yearly release schedule, but I'm just not finding all that much to get excited about.

And with the game set to release towards the end of the year...well, we all remember what happened last time now don't we.

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