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Fallout: Lanius on Reality Engine

By JcDent01-09-2013

Fallout: New Vegas is a pretty awesome RPG. And now there is a fan film about legate Lanius, one of the top commanders of the Legion. It's a one of the superpowers in post-apocalyptic wasteland, a slave empire built on roman ideals and run by Caesar (Kai-zar). Well, this fan film shows Lanius before he wore kickass armor and helmet, and thought that rushing with spears was a viable tactic against an enemy force armed with assault rifles.

It's...pretty good. The blood effects aren't that special and there's little dialogue, but eventually it's for the best. Interesting how it's a melee oriented film (most deal with shooting), but the fights aren't done that bad either. And in some instances they'd overshadow a lot of Hollywood choreographers.

So go, get yourself some radioactive romans!

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Except for the strange voicover of the main character its looks awesome