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Fallout 4, Meet Piper One of the Companions

By McKaby16-10-2015

Bethesda tweeted out a picture of Piper, a female reporter that can be a companion in Fallout 4, showing off her red jacket and dough boy hat, and seems the meeting place looks like it is just inside of Diamond City (Which is Fenway Park before the bombs dropped) judging by the guy with the umpire outfit and shotgun in the back.

Piper is suspected to be the first human companion you meet in Fallout 4, judging off what has been said, but that is still speculation, though I may stick with Dogmeat as my companion.

Fallout 4 is out 10th November, remember to pack your rad-aways, 10mm ammo and stimpacks, it's a long walk.


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In these games I like to use a cheat/mod that allows me to use all companions, give them each unique gear, and crank the difficulty up.