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Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

By McKaby06-11-2015

So, the immortal words “War, war never changes” not in Ron Perlman's voice sounds, weird, very weird … but we do get to see and hear more of the female protagonist and see a lot of new stuff, including a few possible mission angles.

We see some nice views of around down-town Boston, along with a few of the factions in the city, as well as get a hint to part of the story, see the Brotherhood of Steel, honestly, a Fallout game without the BoS, that's just weird, we even see a weapon that looks awfully like the Bozar which is a great homage to the original Fallout too.

There is also a Ghoul without the usual deep raspy voice, and also some good shots of the “dropship” mechanic from the airship that we have seen in previous trailers as well, a hint at some of the other stuff happening, some nice combat shots that show off the Critical Hit UI as well, there is also a short segment showing what appears to be a laser rifle turned shotgun.

A nice montage of the settlement building as well as a reason for the “Minutemen” to have that name, a nice bit of settlement defence along with dealing with some feral ghouls and also a tease of an area where you need to be in a full rad-suit, a mini-nuke explosion (so big that Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington would love to witness it) and also possible use of the Cryogenic weapons and also a Mr Handy model in combat.

The end, we get to hear the female protagonist telling Dogmeat to go and explore, this is a fitting end to a trailer that should be done for a game where you can choose your gender, as we have seen both the male and female character models in various outfits and also in combat, along with their voice-overs.

Fallout 4 is out in 4 days 5 hours and if you haven't got enough teabags or milk, may I suggest you go shopping now, it is up on Steam for £39.99 and unlocks at midnight (your respective timezones) but some physical copy fans may have to wait until later, and to listen to the intro theme by itself, a fan uploaded it here.


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