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Fallout 4 Companion App is Out Now

By McKaby05-11-2015

Now you can have your own PIP-boy to use, as the Fallout 4 companion app is here. It’s not fully working just yet as the game comes out soon, but demo mode is telling. The Android version works with Android 4.0.1 so it covers all phones for the last 3 years and currently is up on Google Play Store as well as the Apple version on the App Store. Both apps work with tablet/iPad as well, and from what I’ve heard you can see more details due to the bigger screen than my S3 Mini. It's less “fuzzy” due to the style they have copied to make it like an actual PIP-Boy but at least the Atomic Command game is fun to knock away a short train ride.

You do have a few minor spoilers in the demo mode (only way to play for now) but you can have a look at the map of the game and the locations of the Vault 111. And honestly, the new map looks much better than Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas maps. I can't wait until the modder that made an awesome FNV map does it for F4, as it's a lot cleaner in this version.

You get to see some armour and weapon stats and it's nice to see an animated Vault-boy for most items and categories. The “boot up” sequence is an exact copy of the one we see in the E3 trailer, and also in the top right is the button to launch Atomic Command mini-game. I do hope that modders can get their games to work via the app as well. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Fallout 4 is out in less than 5 days and as one fellow Fallout fan did, I have to agree with his Day 5 picture have a look at the rest of his stuff here. And remember, Vault-tec is here for you.


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