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Fallout 4 Big Leagues Perk

By McKaby28-10-2015

So, with Fallout 4 being less than 14 days away, Bethesda has given us a little perk trailer, well more of a perk in action video.

The Big Leagues Perk max level is shown, it requires Strength 2 and level 42 to use, and it can give you a large chance to, well, remove someone's head quite effectively. We also get to see the layered armour system over the Baseball outfit and just as the last guy is hit we get to see the loot screen for a brief second.

So, Fallout 4, 13 days, 4 hours away for England, best get your comfy chair from Brother Maynard, and stock up on drinks, and someone send me a coffee machine, mine broke.


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