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Fall With Style in Final Trials Fusion DLC

By MrJenssen02-04-2015

Well, it seems we're finally at road's end for Trials Fusion. The final piece of DLC, titled 'After The Incident', has just been released. Like the rest of the game and its five other pieces of DLC, this one too dabbles in post-apocalyptic themes. Offering ten new tracks with 24 challenges, a single piece of rider equipment in the form of a helmet, a bunch of track-editor objects and "much more!". This "much more" apparently consists of five trophies.

I've gotta tell you, I'm a bit saddened by the content on offer in Trials Fusion's Season Pass. Compared to the DLCs sold for Trials Evolution on the Xbox 360, Fusion's DLCs are looking rather bare-bones. No new bikes, and the amount of rider gear and tracks in each DLC is questionably low. You'll get only a couple of tracks in each difficulty mode, three at the most. So if you're not the kind of person who enjoys playing the two hardest difficulty modes, then you're left with 4-5 classic tracks per DLC, plus another two "skill game" and FMX tracks. But at least, there's a level editor that the community makes good use of. And online multiplayer has also finally been made available, finally.

As always, this DLC can be purchased separately or as part of the season pass, on Uplay and Steam and just about every other digital retailer.


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