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Fall in Love with Far Cry All Over Again This Valentine's Day

By CameronW09-01-2014

Ubisoft sent out a release schedule to media folks a couple days ago, with a title by the name of "Far Cry: The Wild Expedition" listed as releasing on Febuary 14th without much of an explanation of what that was. Of course people got excited thinking of the possibility of more Far Cry 3 DLC, but it turns out it's just that Far Cry-Far Cry 2- Far Cry 3 compilation pack releasing for  PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Oh, and Blood Dragon is in there too.

While it's not exactly that exciting for people like me who already own all of the Far Cry games, if you're a console gamer or you're just a bit late to the tropical party, you'll be able to get your hands on the games and all of their DLC and spin-offs for somewhere between £20-£25 ($30-40). This being the first time that PS3 and Xbox 360 players can actually get their hands on the original Far Cry game instead of that Far Cry: Instincts game. Cool, eh?


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Far Cry 2 is surprisingly good with a simple mod that tunes everything to not be annoying as all hell.

It's kind of silly how simple it is, to be honest.

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So you like it then?

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Far Cry 1 has aged like milk, Far Cry 2 was sour the day it released, Far Cry 3 is like a fine explosive wine, but Blood Dragon must've gotten something dropped into his drink. That party's cray, yo! ... Or something.

Anyway, stupid pack. Only half the game are worth getting, and you can get them a whole lot cheaper on their own rather than in this dumb pack that'll likely force you to install all the games through Uplay.