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Fable Legends Goes Free To Play

By KenpoJuJitsu311-03-2015

Yo jurors! Microsoft, along with developer Lionshead Studios, have decided to join the not all crowded subgenre of the free to play RPG with Fable Legends.

For those not in the know, Fable is RPG series created by Peter Molyneux that originally debuted on the original Xbox console in 2004. Since then there have been multiple entries in the series on the Xbox consoles and on PC. For those disillusioned with Molyneux, fear not, as Lionshead Studios is no longer being headed up by him.

Fable Legends promises all of the standard trappings that gets people into any quality F2P game: All playable quests available for free and everything that can be bought which affects gameplay can be earned in game...which leaves the door open for cosmetic items to be sold exclusively by some type of cash shop.

There will be a rotation of heroes that players can use for free, which suggests that some classes will have to bought when not in the rotation, and there will be creatures that players can earn the allegiance of as companions/minions should they choose to play as a villain instead of a hero.

Now comes the plot twist... Fable Legends will be coming out free to play on Xbox One...only for players who pay for an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Ummmm, free? Also Fable Legends will release on PC...correction, Windows 10 PC's only. Sorry, but this isn't really shaping up to be a free to play game in my opinion. This is a game being used to help push Microsoft's service oriented products as they've openly stated they are shifting their operating system model to a service model instead of the traditional buy it and own it model. And XBL is a service that needs no introduction at this point.

What say you jurors? Are you ready to pay with gold or go through the 10th window to experience the world of Albion? Or are your needs better served elsewhere as you stick to lucky number 7? Let us know in the comments.

For more news on this and other games, keep Pixel Judge in your free rotation. This news is adjourned.

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Posts: 3290

I'll wait for the full release and, inevitable, patches before I shift over. Always my approach to a new Windows

Posts: 207

Windows 10 isn't that bad actually. I've enjoyed mucking around in the technical preview version.