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F1 2013 - Rush To See Rush Car!

By NeonAnderson16-09-2013

Clearly you are not Rushing enough! It has just been revealed by Codemasters that the 1976 Ferrari 312 T2, featured in the movie Rush, will also be featured in F1 2013. To celebrate this Codemasters has also released a new trailer for the F1 2013 Classic Edition (UK). Those amongst you who have been following F1 as long as I have (or longer) will definitely recognise the inspiration (and music) of the new trailer.

The BBC used this theme (see below) all the way from 1978 until 1997. Then, in 2011, the BBC used the theme again.

Trailer inspirations aside, the actual F1 2013 Classic Edition will only ship with exactly 10,000 units in the UK! This means if you want this Collector's Edition, you will have to pre-order it ASAP. The Classic Edition features a variety of additional content the full list of which we have previously covered, for your convenience.

The 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 will be sent out to players as a free download once they are connected through RaceNet (the game's multiplayer system and the same one used in GRID 2). Players can already sign-up to RaceNet if they have not done so previously by clicking here.

As this is not the first time Codemasters have pushed the Classic content of F1 2013, I would love to hear from our Pixel Judgers (that's you, yes you who is reading this right now) if the Classic content is a big deal for you or if you prefer the new 2013 F1 content. Please tell us in the comment section below!


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Well. Now that was an unexpected dose of nostalgia.

And i don't even watch F1